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Fee: $375.00 (3-Hour Seminar) plus Travel Expenses.  See our Fee Policy for your options regarding payment.

An additional charge of $5.00 per participant is made for supplies.*

Designed for Ministry Teams

Encouraging for the Church

Great for


Event Planning

and Team Building

Any event presented by children of God will offer the unconvinced a view of Christ, but not all will lend itself to a direct preaching of the gospel.

For instance, a Computer Recycling Day could show a church’s concern for the community but a sermon on

salvation could be difficult to present to everyone who dropped of a recyclable item.

However, the principles we’ll show you at this seminar will enable you to offer an opportunity to ‘hear’ the good news even at an event such as this.

SHARE the SAVIOR!  Someone You Love Needs Him.


At Your Church

For the Glory of God

Presented by:

Share the Savior

Actively Engaging

Christians in Evangelism

* Participant fee is waived if the church prints the seminar material.

Contact: Scott McIntyre

510 734-6212 CoachMc@SharetheSavior.org

Lower Your Church’s Cost

Host the seminar for other churches in your area and split our fee with them.